Motorcycle Products: Moto Protect

Petrol is an organic matter, when burnt or left to naturally degrade, contamination is created.

This contamination has a detrimental effect on your bikes performance.

If your bike is left parked for long periods, natural degradation will cause the fuel to go stale. When you first start your bike, gums, tars, wax and varnish will build up in the fuel lines, the injectors and on the inlet valves sapping power and reducing performance.

Tec4 Moto-Protect is a highly concentrated, technically advanced formulation designed to stabilise fuel and prevent the build up of harmful contamination.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves storage resistance of fuel and prevents oxidisation
  • Provides lubrication in the fuel system
  • Neutralises acids
  • Improves engine performance
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • Improves fuel economy.


Tec4 Moto-Protect is a one shot application.

Prior to parking your bike for a prolonged period, simply pour one full bottle of Moto-Protect into the fuel tank and fill the tank to its maximum capacity.

Tec4 Moto-Protect is compatible with all modern fuels.

It’s unique combination of detergents and anti ageing additives will stabalise the fuel for up to eight months ensuring efficient combustion on start up.