Motorcycle Products

Bikers love their bikes. We know this because as well as running Tec4 – we are bikers ourselves!

The organic nature of petrol allows contamination in the form of gums, tars, wax and varnish to build up in the fuel system. This contamination builds up in the fuel lines, fuel injectors and valves, sapping power and inhibiting throttle response.

This is particularly relevant for fair weather bikers like us who tend not to ride during the winter months and leave their bikes parked up for long periods.

To combat this and keep motorcycles in tip-top condition we have developed two specialist products…

Moto Protect

  Fuel Line Cleaner
   Inhibits contamination build-up
•  Add to the fuel tank before parking up for Winter

Moto Power

  Fuel System cleaner and power restorer
   Cleans from tank to exhaust
   Trouble free and improved Summer riding