Workshop Essentials: 'Seals Like Steel' Gasket Fix

Tec4 ‘Seals Like Steel’ professional gasket fix permanently seals blown head gaskets, cracked engine blocks and warped heads.

Tec4 ‘Seals Like Steel’ Professional Gasket Fix is a unique chemical formulation, which transforms into a solid steel-like compound when subjected to extreme temperature.

This product should only be used by a competent vehicle technician.

Key Benefits:

  • Forms a permanent seal
  • Seals Blown Head Gaskets
  • Seals Cracked Engine Blocks
  • Seals Warped Heads
  • Up to 2.0 litre engine size – 1 x 500ml bottle
  • Over 2.0 litre engine size – 2 x 500ml bottles
  • Over 4.0 litre engine size – 3 x 500ml bottles

Shake well before use.

Ensure engine is cold.

Remove radiator cap and pour 1 x 500ml bottle (or see application detail above) of Tec4 Professional Gasket Fix into the radiator.

Set the heater and fan to maximum then run the car at idle for 60 minutes.

Allow the engine to cool, then top up radiator with coolant before driving the vehicle.